Toni Gironès

Mardi 16.04.2024
18h30 Salle de la Grande Société, Fribourg

He is an Architect graduated from the Escola d’Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV) in 1992 and a Doctor of Architecture from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) with the doctoral thesis ‘Spontaneous Architectures, Reflections on Constants in Architecture: the Cap de Creus Peninsula, a Topography in Time.’

Established as a professional since 1993, he understands architecture as one of the fundamental supports in human activity, as a mediating element that allows optimizing and reconciling the attributes of each place. Consequently, the term ‘architecture’ as a noun is not what interests him as much as the verb ‘to inhabit,’ because that is what gives it meaning. In this way, he understands human inhabiting as something derived from experience and not the product of theoretical speculation or any prior strategy. Therefore, he projects it as an experience that arises from within to be lived and shared, resulting in a blend of reason and emotion.

He has been awarded the Gold Medal in the international DOMUS Award, the Special Prize of the XI Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture, the Spanish Architecture Biennial, and several times the FAD Award. Recently, in 2023, within the framework of the Piranesi Prix de Rome et d’Athènes, the proposal made jointly with a research team from the Politecnico di Milano received the First Prize ex aequo in the competition for the enhancement of the Acropolis of Athens and its UNESCO surroundings.




























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Three participations in the Venice Biennale in the editions of 2012, 2014, and 2016 are noteworthy. In the latter, he was part of the Spanish Pavilion that received the Golden Lion of the Biennale. He has also been nominated twice for the European Mies Van der Rohe Architecture Award, the SWISS Architecture Award in 2014, and the Borromini Prize for young architects in 2001.

His work was exhibited monographically at the Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM) in Basel in 2013.

He has been a speaker and/or invited professor at national and international universities, including Rosario, Santa Fe, Posadas, and Palerm (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Escola da Cidade (Sao Paulo), Merida (Mexico), Rabat and Casablanca (Morocco), Ferrara, Trieste, Milan, and Cagliari (Italy), ETH-Zurich (Switzerland), Aarhus (Denmark), Berlin (Germany), Bratislava (Slovakia), Alicante, Valencia, Zaragoza, Navarra, Madrid, A Coruña, Granada, and Seville (Spain), ETSAV, ETSAB, ESARQ, Ramon Llull, and UB of Barcelona. »